Week 12- Wrap Up

Jeffrey Martinez
2 min readNov 20, 2021
  • What did you find enjoyable or not about this assignment?

This Course was really informational. Everything about blogging and the assignements were great. The only thing that I consider there more of is more interactive videos for us to even learn more. We could virtually learn how to fix a computer.

  • Was it helpful to you in your current job?

I am currently still a student for my Software Development Bachelor’s Degree. It does help to learn the components of the computer that help us create great platforms. It is extremely helpful to know what components play a part within your program and the functions of each component

  • Can you see yourself Blogging in the future when it isn’t required for an assignment?

I love to blog. Especially when it comes to a fundamental or a concept that I did not understand and I mastered it. I want to make sure that there are enough resources for new coming programmers that need ideas and answers on certain topics.

  • Can you see this ability as desirable for a company, giving you more weapons in your arsenal and making you a more attractive hire?

Well, this question is really much more on the skill set that the job applicant has. If they write and document on a daily basis, this would help them to get jobs. Yet, not all companies just want people to write and require more qualifications. On top of this, there are companies that require you to know at least 85% of the requirements, and may not offer training or even give you resources.



Jeffrey Martinez

I am a graduate from Flatiron School for Software Engineer. Studied HTML, CSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, Redux, Sinatra, and Sqlite3