Week 3 — CPUs, Memory (RAM) and Firmware

Throughout this week, I started to learn about what the differences of Core i3 and Core i5. And no! The number does not represent how many many processing cores the component might have. Core i3 may have 4 processing cores, Core i5 only has 2, and Core i7 may have 2 to 7 processing cores. We have to make sure that we compare these components and choose depending on what functionality we want it for, such as either gaming or productivity.

“Don’t think of cost. Think of value.” John Spence

Do you think by buying the most expensive CPU or RAM may result in have the value within your computer? When it comes to the word “value”, we want to make sure that we refer to the best quality of the product, the speed, and the efficiency of the component. There can be cheap CPUs that will work great depending if you are creating a computer for gaming or for productivity. As for me, a software engineer, we usually have many tabs open, and very much a server running with a database system.With the processor I choose to install, I would want to make sure that I am capable to do all those tasks simultaneously and with using less memory. This is what is considered value.