Week 6- Command Line Basics

Jeffrey Martinez
2 min readOct 18, 2021


What is so great about our terminal? We can do so many things in our terminal with just our keyboard. We can put our mouse back to sleep. In this blog we are just going to cover the most basic commands to how to move within our terminal.



Also known as “make directory”. This will create a new directory to wherever you are. Let’s create a new directory name desktop:

mkdir desktop

Great! Let’s learn our next command:


Also known as change directory, this will allow us to move into a directory or even move out either one directory or back to our home directory. Let’s move in our desktop directory:

cd desktop

Great! To move back to where we were, we can simply just type:

cd .. (This will allow us to move back one directory)

Great! Now, what if we wanted to remove this directory? Can we do this? Definitely! We would have to type this:

rmdir desktop

This has successfully removed the desktop directory that we have created in the beginning!


Here are a couple of resources on mastering the Mac Terminal. Hope you enjoy!



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