Week 7- Installing RAM on iMac

Jeffrey Martinez
3 min readOct 18, 2021


If you would like to add more RAM to the 8GB that Apple has given you for your iMac, make sure to read through this to install. First things first, make sure to check out this list that will let you know if your iMac would be able to add the extra RAM that will be needed for your computer.

Here is a link to purchase RAM for your specific iMac, according to the year and the inches of your screen. I will link this here:

OWC comes to be one of the best RAMs for iMac’s. I definitely reccomend this to anyone who wants to upgrade their default 8GB to either 32GB or even 64GB.

Getting Started:

Step 1: Turn off your iMac by choosing the Apple Menu > Shut Down

Step 2: Disconnect all cables and the power cord from your iMac. This will prevent any electric shocks that can occur

Step 3: Place a soft, clean towel or cloth on your work surface. Hold the sides of your iMac and lay it down so that the screen rests on the surface and the bottom faces you.

Step 4: Open the memory compartment door by pressing the small gray button located just above the AC power port. The memory compartment door opens as the button is pushed in.

Step 5: Remove the memory compartment door and set it aside.

A diagram on the bottom of the door shows the orientation of the memory modules and the memory cage levers.

Step 6: Locate the levers on the sides of the memory cage. Push the levers outward to release the cage. Pull the levers toward you to give you access to the memory module slots.

Step 7: Remove a memory module — handle it carefully by its edges and pull it straight up and out.

Step 8: With the notch on the bottom and toward the right side, replace or install a memory module by inserting it into the slot. Press firmly and evenly until you feel a slight click.

Step 9: After you’ve installed all the memory modules, push the memory cage levers down into the compartment until they click back into place.

Step 10: Push in the memory compartment door, press it firmly. Reconnect the cables and power cord. Press the power button on the back of your iMac to turn it on.

By completing these simple 10 steps, you have successfully have installed more RAM to your iMac! Congratulations!


Here are resources to accomplish this. Hope you enjoy! Thank you!



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